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A Trusted Name To Avail Quality Kitchenware...

About Us

We, Livingart.Co.Ltd, are a professionally managed company that witness success in almost every business deal. As a quality-focused manufacturer, we hold specialization in designing supreme in finish and long in service life, Steel Kitchen Utensils, Pressure Cooker, Frying Pan etc. Our idea of keeping quality as a factor on top of priority list helps in turning potential clients into loyal customers.

Usage of modern production technology and application of huge industrial experience in making quality products such as Pans & Royal Fans, Containers & Bowls, etc., have made us earn support of a huge customer-base in and outside South Korea.

Attainment of ISO 9001 certification for excellent quality management system and ISO 14001 environment certification for sustainable production practice have made our company gain huge popularity in Korean and international markets. Product-development done in a systematic way helps us in completing orders on time with zero compromise in quality.

Useful for life products are served at our company. Economic efficiency, world-class design, functionality, and practicality are some features for which our offered line is widely appreciated. All the promises made pertaining quality production, timely delivery and easy payment option are fulfilled from our end. With the support of talented professionals, we work hard to attain set business goal of high customers satisfaction.

Our Experience
  • Creative Services- From more than 12 years, we are rendering creative kitchenware solutions. Kettle & Mugs and other Kitchen tools are made using modern technologies.
  • Insights & Strategy- Great business insight and great planning strategy of 10 years makes us reliable name of markets.
  • Media Research-  We have been in media research work related product promotion since 8 years.
  • Marketing Data- Our company has been perfectly handling marketing data since 7 years.
Customer Support

We have managed to become a worth-relying name in this competitive world of business by staying true to our commitments. Great customer-support from our end is the reason of our large and happy client-base. Clients are treated as partners by us as we keep them updated about modifications taking place in business. We also resolve customers' query pertaining to products' usage on time. Also, we keep them informed about delivery status of Kettle, Mugs, Kitchen Tools, etc.

Our Partnership

Partnership with below mentioned big names has made us earn high growth, customers satisfaction and huge annual sales.
  • Lotte
  • Samsung
  • Home Plus
  • GS
  • LG
  • Posco
  • Emart

Company History

Below cited is a beautiful journey of our business.




  • Isolated grouping of food development and production
  • Corporation Corporate Sales started new art of living (Incheon Western Bulrodong 696)


  • Incheon Economic Development Agency provided us detachable handle design development related projects
  • Acquired 05 Month + ISO9001 quality system certification
  • Headquarters and factory witnessed expansion (Incheon Western seoknamdong 223-709)


  • Die-cast frying pan product-development and formation of new model called 'Rex', took place.
  • Attained Music Ensemble "Ara annual" Performance Sponsorship
  • Double Pans development market promotion
  • Production of small household based electrical appliances such as pizza pan, stove, wide Charming grill pan, wireless kettle
  • Production and development of Barbecue Flame Roaster took place


  • Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index called our company- Living Art Selection, number 1 brand of kitchenware.
  • Launched Rojas diamond-coated frying pan (IH for the induction)
  • Stainless steel pressure cooker launched
  • Developed market of square grill
  • Attained 03 Month + ISO14001 environmental management system certification
  • Factory and office expansion prior (Gimpo, Gyeonggi yang chonmyeon hakunri 2762)
  • Pot handle designing registration


  • Living art headquarters and factory established in 45 beongil 17-2 in Incheon Western gilju
  • Fired ceramic pots (sinseollo) formed in three kinds of promotion


  • Primavera pot Series products launched in markets.
  • Primavera court series model formation and product launch
  • Do Jaeheon as CEO was appointed
  • Launched touch pressure cookers & attained KC certification.


  • Launched a one-touch autoclave through the formation of the Weimar 3
  • We launched 24 and 28 products in emboss frying mold processing market - Uncoated
  • 24 Frying Pans launched
  • Launch of 28 fried coating the non-coated mold product development in Community Credit annual contract bidding


  • Dio Bacco Four seeding pots series formed and launched (16 Pieces )
  • Dio Bacco frying pan series Frying pan developed.
  • Magic Hands Emma formed a brand-new model - Four seed coated frying pan, with a removable handle Combi cover
  • Company's headquarters and factory expansion (Incheon Western Career Press beongil 30 25)


  • Research and Development department attained certification - Korea Industrial Technology (Association No. 2018155638)
  • Grill pan Multi Development was introduced
  • On a global platform, Electric Fan Cooking Supper released
  • Dio Bacco Series 20 Four seed royal palace arch Palace Series formation and product launch
  • Living Art Handy Mini Fan introduced
  • Formed Consumer Electronics Division and launched Fish Roaster LBGL-300